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The Barbecue Restaurant in Stoke on Trent.

Greek Style Roast Fish. Oven-bake white fish fillets with potatoes, tomatoes and herbs for a healthy and gluten-free dinner.

Salmon with honey &

mustard.Cooked in foil on the grill, this Salmon recipe features our own honey and whole grain mustard sauce, that is super delicious.

Half a chicken, marinated with yoghurt and lemon, then cooked on the grill. The chicken is basted with a herby sweet tomato sauce to glaze.

Pork Ribs slow cooked American-style, but, these are our signature dish, and there's a lot more 'Leopard' than Yank. Cooked for four hours they're really tender and coated in an irresistibly sweet, sticky sauce. A whole side of 10 plus ribs. 

Sirloin steak, 8oz, cooked how you like it, so please make sure you tell us.

Chicken kebab  marinated in lemon juice, yoghurt, garlic and a few herbs and spices, then barbecued whilst basting with a sweet tangy sauce.

Whole Sea Bass. The fish is lightly seasoned and basted with lemon juice and a little butter. before grilling.

Lamb Chops, marinated in lemon and garlic.

Chicken off The Grill. Would you like Sticky Sweet Maple, Southern Fried, or more spicy Piri Piri?

These BBQ pork chops are bone-in, brined in garlic and spices, then grilled to perfection and basted with barbecue sauce.

Tuna with Garlic & Thyme. Remember, Tuna should be 'pinkish' in the middle, the longer it's cooked the tougher it gets.

Jerk Chicken Skillet. If you like Jerk, rice and peas you will love this dish. Jerk comes spicy and hot, if you would like it less hot please tell us.

Halloumi and vegetable skewers

Halloumi and vegetable skewers.

Spinach and cheese stuffed Chicken Breast.

Creamy chicken & asparagus braise

Slow-roast pork belly with black pudding mash and grain mustard sauce

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