The Leopard Hotel in Burslem is renowned as one of Britain’s most haunted buildings and in recent years has become a magnet for paranormal investigators from around the world.

Visitors from as far afield as Europe, the US and the Far East regularly stay overnight in the bleak, empty rooms of The Leopard’s abandoned hotel hoping to catch a glimpse of one of its restless spooks or ghosts, and armed only with infra-red cameras, sound recording equipment – and an often unused sleeping bag!


Evidence of overnight séances are there in abundance, including makeshift crucifixes and even garlic cloves crushed into the ground to ward off mischievous emissaries from ‘the other side.’ Those who believe in the reality of spirit orbs – spheres of energy said to emanate from the spectral plane are rarely disappointed. The old Victorian corridors are often lit by mysterious balls of light which dance and flit from room to room. Although many of the spirits are reputedly benign, there are others which are believed to be victims of a deadly curse set by the infamous Witch of Burslem, Mollie Leigh, who is thought to have been incarcerated in the Leopard’s creepy cellars during the 18th century as  punishment for dabbling in the occult!

Ghost Hunts in Stoke on Trent

If you are a member of a paranormal organisation and would like to carry out an investigation, please fill in the form below with the dates you would like to book. Our rates for an investigation are currently £30pp, and the investigation would be from 1900hrs to 02:30, for 25 people max.

Supervisors/Team members: We like a ratio of 5-1, e.g. 10 customers = 2 supervisors. Team/ supervisors are free in this ratio.

£50.00 deposit required at least 4 weeks prior.

Public Liability is a must.

You will have your own 'rest' room' with a hot water urn. If you would like some refreshment, please let us know. If you would like a few hours sleep before leaving let us know, we an provide camp beds but bring your own sleeping bags.  We provide packs of fresh rolls, sausages and bacon, and a bain marie in which you can keep them warm. Baps (sausage or bacon) are £1.85 each. A platter of sandwiches for 6 people is £10.00. If you would like another option please ask.

Remember! The Leopard is a working Pub and 'silence' is not an option. But neither has it ever been a problem..... because of its size. Dates in the form below please.

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